Residential Paving

High-quality asphalt paving services for homeowners throughout Simcoe County and beyond

As a homeowner, you take a great deal of pride in the appearance of your property. Having a run-down asphalt surface can be a little embarrassing whenever neighbours drive by or guests come around for dinner.

Fortunately, a deteriorating asphalt surface doesn’t have to remain that way. With the help of a professional asphalt paving company, your surface can be repaired or replaced! At FX Stone & Paving, we specialize in all types of residential paving—from driveways to pathways to basketball courts, and more. In addition to new asphalt, we are able to perform asphalt maintenance and repairs that protect and restore existing surfaces. Regardless of the size and scope of the project, our proven process for new asphalt installation guarantees a top-notch final product that will make you a proud homeowner once again. We treat your home as if it’s our own!

Whether you need a residential driveway or commercial parking lot, get in contact with FX Stone & Paving today at 705-333-7283. We’d be glad to provide you with a free estimate on your next project!