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Residential Asphalt
Paving Process

Applicable to the following:
Driveways, Pathways, Basketball Courts, Extensions, Asphalt Repairs

– If the job is currently paved we excavate all existing asphalt

– We ensure there is minimum 6” of gravel base on all jobs, adding material when it is required

– We use ¾ crushed limestone for our gravel base

– For extensions on all grass or dirt, we excavate to a depth of 6”-12” depending on water table, soil quality and subgrade.

– All extensions are prepared with ¾” crushed limestone

– If the extension location is extremely soft and the customer wishes to upgrade to a stronger base we offer the option to install 6” of 2” limestone and 6” of ¾ crushed limestone

– Gravel base is compacted using a 5 ton vibratory roller on all jobs

– All jobs are prepped with an extra 3” of limestone so as to make driving in and out easier.

– We allow for a minimum of 1% slope so there is no ponding of water

– If 1% slope is not achievable, we offer drain systems to prevent water from coming into garage or foundation.

– Once prep work is done, we allow all jobs to settle for a minimum of 1-4 weeks (dependent on weather and time of year)

– After the settling period, we return to do final grade and pave

– We pave residential jobs using 3” of HL3 asphalt

– We offer HL4 asphalt for country homes that may need to bring in propane or other asphalt surfaces frequently used by heavier vehicles

– We offer 2 asphalt coats using 2.5” of HL8 asphalt for base and a second 2” coat of HL3 asphalt for top, which allows for longevity of the asphalt surface when parking heavy equipment or vehicles on it

– We compact our asphalt for a durable finish with a 5 ton vibratory roller and then compact it a second time to achieve a smooth and seamless finish with a 1 ton vibratory roller

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