Commercial/Industrial Paving

Outstanding asphalt paving services for your Simcoe County business or property

Your asphalt surface is a direct reflection of your business. Since it’s one of the first things customers will notice about your property, it’s critical that you keep it in great condition. Of course, this kind of job requires a professional touch from an experienced asphalt paving contractor.

At FX Stone & Paving, we are proud to provide exceptional commercial and industrial paving services for customers throughout Simcoe County and its surrounding areas. From parking lots and commercial driveways to roadways and speed bumps, we have experience with all types of surfaces.

Whether you need a small addition to a parking lot or an extended roadway, no project is too big or small for us to handle. Thanks to our multiple crews and full fleet of state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to service jobs of all shapes and sizes around the clock—limiting downtime to your business or tenants.

The Impact of High-Quality Commercial Pavement on Your Business's Growth & Reputation

As a business owner, there may be dozens of line items that need your attention. But how many of them can have a tangible impact on your business, its image, and your bottom line?

The truth is that commercial pavement—whether it’s a commercial driveway or a large parking lot—delivers several benefits for your business:

Invest in Your Business with High-Quality Commercial & Industrial Pavement

If you need a new parking lot or looking to repair an existing asphalt surface, get in with us today at 705-333-7283. We can discuss your next project and prepare a free estimate!

FAQS about commercial Paving

Widely considered the best material for commercial paving, asphalt is an affordable option that can support the loads of heavy traffic, equipment, and machinery. What’s more, its jet-black appearance allows for line striping and pavement markings that help organize traffic and keep your customers safe.

While not quite as cheap as gravel, asphalt is a cost-effective alternative to concrete. In addition to being affordable, commercial asphalt pavement is also flexible, durable, and relatively easy to maintain. With a little preventative care, it can endure Ontario’s harsh winters for many years to come!

While pavement thickness requirements vary from project to project, commercial asphalt driveways require at least three inches of asphalt to account for the weight of most passenger vehicles.

If your commercial or industrial pavement needs to support the concentrated loads of large trucks, machinery, and other heavy-duty equipment, your asphalt should be at least six inches thick with an aggregate base of roughly three inches.

When commercial asphalt is too thin, a wide range of pavement issues can occur. In most cases, the asphalt will buckle under the weight of concentrated loads—causing cracks and sunken areas to form in your asphalt pavement.

While very durable, asphalt is prone to deteriorating much faster than concrete. With routine care and preventative maintenance, however, your asphalt shouldn’t show many signs of wear and tear (including cracks and potholes) until roughly five to ten years into its life.

While I-2 is used for the base layer on most commercial and residential paving projects, I-4 is the highest grade of top asphalt used for commercial paving projects. This product incorporates a high percentage of stone and other aggregate materials to deliver a dense, sturdy finish.

Asphalt is more susceptible to water damage than concrete, and therefore, it needs a slope of at least .5% – 1% and as much as 1.5% – 2% in order for water to run off the surface properly.