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Asphalt Paving and Interlock Services

Commercial, Industrial, Institutional Asphalt Paving Process

Applicable to the following:
Parking Lots, Loading Docks, Pathways, Extensions, Catch Basins, Asphalt Repairs, Speed Bump


Excavation of all existing asphalt is done to prepare job site.


All gravel is compacted with a 5-tonne vibratory roller.

  • We use ¾ crushed limestone for the gravel base.
  • The gravel base is also graded.
  • Every project is prepped with an extra 3” of limestone to ensure ease of driving in and out.
  • Extensions are prepared with ¾” crushed limestone.
  • If the extension location is extremely soft, we offer upgrade options to secure a stronger base. 
  • All water runs to catch basins.
  • Ask us about catch basin replacement or height changes of catch basins.
  • Two coats of asphalt allow for longevity of the asphalt surface for heavy traffic areas.
  • Asphalt is compacted with industry standard equipment depending on job specification.

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